Here's our news section with all current developments, latest events and new items for RAMONES MUSEUM. We'll update this as often as we can, so check back from time to time to catch up with us and latest RAMONES gossip.


Friday, November 3rd

Starts 7!

Donations welcome.



Monday, August 21st.



An afternoon show with legend JEFF ROWE from Massachusetts, the world's best most handsome brewer and good friend.

Com say Hi and listen to his "Barstool Conversations", August 21st, 3pm!




August 24



Brandy Row is a wonderful soul from London, England, and his own history is written on him in tattoed ink.

Listen to his tales of broken hearts and lost friendships August 24 at 7pm!


Wednesday, July 12, 7pm!


July 12, RAMONES MUSEUM welcomes CJ RAMONE, hosting a special fan night with his documentary "Havana GoGo", focusing on CJ's trip to Cuba in 2015.


CJ will also perform a few acoustic ballads, so bring your girlfriends and boyfriends.


CJ RAMONE night at RAMONES MUSEUM starts 7pm!  5 Euro donation.

Dennis Jagard (TEN FOOT POLE)


Friday, June 30, 7pm!

Tomorrow, tuesday, May 16, 7pm, at RAMONES MUSEUM:

An evening with American photographer Brad Elterman
(The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, The Runaways, Ramones).


An exhibition of his most famous and some rarely seen photographs from the 1970’s until present.

The artist will be present.

Thursday, May 18, at RAMONES MUSEUM:


Tobias Geigenmüller reads from his book "Das ziemlich lebendige Leben des vermeintlich toten Elvis".


Starts 8pm!

Don't miss SWINGIN' UTTERS and TOY GUITAR, Monday, April 24, live at RAMONES MUSEUM1


Starts 7pm!

This friday, March 17, CJ RAMONE will release his new solo album "American Beauty" via Fat Wreck Chords.


RAMONES MUSEUM invites all fans and friends to listen to CJ's new record and have a beer with us or two.


Release Party starts at 5pm!

CJ RAMONE songs all night long!

Due to the ongoing strike at Berlin's airports, NOTHINGTON can't leave town.


To kill some time (and beers), they will drag their guitars to RAMONES MUSEUM this wednesday, March 15.


Please also welcome CITY OF ASHES from Brighton.


Starts at 7pm!

The new RAMONES MUSEUM is now open!

Good news. We managed to open the new RAMONES MUSEUM as planned! After the opening party on March 3rd, things are (almost) back to normal:

Opening times from 10-10, 7 days a week.


As we are still setting up a few areas with memorabilia, we have a reduced entry fee until March 30:

3,50 Euro, including lifetime ticket!

DAVE HAUSE in front of the new RAMONES MUSEUM, prior to his acoustic set that included his version of "Bonzo Goes To Bitburg".


Due to the many questions we received after we announced our move to a new location, here's a few answers to some of them:

Is the new place bigger than the old place?

No. It's pretty much as big or small as the old RAMONES MUSEUM. But we do hope to be able to squeeze in four boxes of memorabilia that we obtained over the past few months, so there's eben more to see!


The structure pretty much remains the same: Cafe Mania welcomes you on entry. You can enter the museum through there and get your entry ticket at the bar.


We also have a cinema with nonstop RAMONES footage, so make sure to get a drink on entry. You may spend hours in there...

why are you moving?

Because the new place looks great and provides everything we need. It's also very close to alot of Berlin's small/mid-size venues, so you can drop by before you go see a band. Public transport is close, too, so you don't have to make the long pilgrimage if you want to visit us.

Can I still use my lifetime ticket in the new place?

Of course you can!


We keep the promise given to you on entry the last time you visited us: If you still have the RAMONES MUSEUM pin, you can see the place as many times as you like - free of charges. 


If one day we'll move to the moon, that promise still holds.

what happens to the wall of fame?

We hope we'll be able take it with us.


We might destroy a few signatures here and there while peeling it off the building, but hopefully the affected bands will pays us another visit in the future and can sign the wall again!


There will be RAMONES MUSEUM events in the future, for sure, and they will be just as much fun as the ones we had in the old place - but where exactly those will happen, we can't tell you here. If you want to know what happens when and where, please sign up to our RMSC newsletter.

i want to work at the new RAMONES MUSEUM.   What should I do?

Good that you're asking. We're actually looking for more staff members. Please send an email to and tell us who you are. We'll get back to you shortly.

When will the new RAMONES MUSEUM be open?

There still is SO MUCH to do in the new place that we would like to work on it for another 6 months, but we're on a tight schedule, so opening will be March 3rd, 2017. Stay tuned for more details in this News section.


Yes! Our final night at the old RAMONES MUSEUM in Krausnickstr. 23 will be February 10, at 7pm. Special guest and final show there ever will be ROBIN TOM RINK.

Robin will play songs from his second album "The Small Hours" at 8pm, and we'll spin some of our favourite Punk tunes and have a couple of cold ones afterwards. We'd be happy to see you there!