Meet our staff. The smartest, cutest and most handsome bunch of Blitzkrieg Boppers. Most of them we pulled off some stage they just performed on as part of a band member or solo artist. If they're not on tour, they work and hang out at RAMONES MUSEUM.


Besides being a fan of the RAMONES, each employee has its unique thing he/she adds to the museum: e.g. the most perfect soy milk foam on your Cappuccino, new designs for RAMONES MUSEUM shirts, illustrations for the menu or folding paper bags.

Name: Tom

Homewtown: Dunedin/ New Zealand


Star Sign: Dog

Hobby: Obsessively drawing people with penises for noses

Relationship status: Sorry, taken by an ex-RAMONES MUSEUM employee

Favourite RAMONES album:

"Is This Real" by THE WIPERS

Favourite Ramone: Dee Dee

Favourite item in the museum: Dee Dee Ramone's original "Sexy Perro" painting

Favourite drink: Whisky, just Whisky

This is Tom from Dunedin, Aotearoa (New Zealand). We met him and his brother Stu somewhere around 2010 in Gainesville, Florida while they were playing in THE OUTSIDERS at the world famous "Fest". Tom's an all-round artist. He plays music using the stage name FREDDY FUDD PUCKER. He sings, plays the guitar and turned an old suitcase and a pedal into his drumkit. Tom is also a great cartoonist and talented illustrator. His handwriting is so beautiful and pristine, it looks like it was made with Photoshop or something.


FREDDY FUDD PUCKER'S latest album "Hourglass Wine" is so good that he gets invited to tours and festivals all the time, which is bad for us because we can't hang out at RAMONES MUSEUM. Tom also founded, organises and teaches music at a free music school for refugees in Berlin, called the GSBTB - Open Music School.

Name: Pesky

Hometown: Boston/ MA



Renting out vans and recording bands


Favourite RAMONES album:

"We're Outta Here"

Favourite Ramone: Tommy

Favourite item in the museum:

Dee Dee's bass amp


Favourite drink: Augustiner

Pesky doesn't like having his picture taken, so I snapped this while he poured me a Jameson. Pesky is from Boston, USA, and he plays in a band called THE UPRISING, a furious Street-Punk-Band from Berlin. Pesky just set up a small studio, Q Musik Korruption, for other bands to record their 7 inches and albums. Pesky and his wife run a small van rental business called GODDAMN VANS, so if you play in a band and you need a solid vehicle for your upcoming tour, drop them a line!

Name: Rik

Hometown: Magdeburg / Germany


Star sign: Leo

Hobby: Beer

Relationship status: single


Favourite RAMONES album:

"Adios Amigos"

Favorite Ramone: Dee Dee

Favourite item in the museum:

"Adios Amigos" shot glass

Favourite drink:

1/2 Vodka, 1/2 Coke



We've known Rik since he was 14, hanging out with Billie Joe Armstrong after GREEN DAY played a date in their "Nimrod" tour in 1998. After he moved to Berlin a few years later, Rik, his older brother Beverly and two friends formed their own band: RADIO DEAD ONES! After more than 10 years on the road, three albums and various 7", the band gained quite a following all over Europe. RADIO DEAD ONES still play shows here and there, but Rik now focuses on his new group, GANG ZERO.


Rik can spot a band from miles away when they're approaching RAMONES MUSEUM, and he makes sure they won't leave sober. Good boy.

Name: Hardy

Hometown: Small town south of Berlin

Star sign: Gemini

Hobby: Guitar, Records & handcrafting leather

Relationship status: Taken


Favourite RAMONES album: Mondo Bizarro Favourite Ramone: Dee Dee

Favourite item in the museum:

Dee Dee's autopsy report

This is Hardy. He's our youngest employee, but he has by far the most tattoos. Our Mr. Handsome is a rather shy character, and he prefers a good conversation over casual small talk. Hardy spends alot of time in Sweden, loves early AGAINST ME! and he is good with tools, mostly those that spit fire.

Name: Ville

Hometown: Joensuu/ Finland

Bands: Wasted/ I Walk The Line

Star sign: Scorpio

Hobby: Skateboarding

Relationship status: Married


Favourite RAMONES album: Brain Drain

Favourite Ramone: Joey

Favourite item in the museum:

Handwritten lyrics to "Swallow My Pride"

Favourite drink: Red Wine

We've known Ville for ages, as he's married to a local girl and performed at RAMONES MUSEUM at least twice with his Punk Band WASTED. As the leader of one of Finland's most successful groups, Ville is DIY to the bone: he writes songs, lyrics, plays guitar, books tours, glues posters and makes his own merchandise. We exploit his various skills whereever we can, mostly by locking him into our shirt shack to screenprint on whatever cloth we hand him.

Name: Ville

Hometown: Joensuu/ Finland


Star sign: Scorpio

Hobby: No time for hobbyies - A day late and a dollar short

Relationship status: -


Favourite RAMONES album: Ramones Mania

Favourite Ramone: Johnny

Favourite item in the museum:

Dee Dee's bass amp

Favourite drink: Original Gin Long Drink  with ice cubes (Lonkero)

This is Ville, our street warrior. He keeps the town beautiful, like everyone else who adds to the visibility of cultural institutions or events via flyers or posters. Ville is also a very relaxed and funny person, has a great sense of humor and is the most happy with a beer in his hand. If you see him out there on the streets of Berlin, give him a hug. Because he rules.